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Arik was a seven-year-old stable boy. He lived with his rambunctious five-year-old sister, Bayla, at an inn during ancient times. A baby was born in the stable one night. The baby became a very famous and important person later in his life. When Arik saw the newborn baby he did something bewildering: he gave the baby his most prized possession.

The Stableboy is about a young boy, his dreams, and his kindness. It’s also about love, family, and giving. When young children have had it read to them, they’ve been delighted and have whispered to their parents and grandparents, “I know who the baby is.”

Great Children's Book About Kindness

“The Stableboy is a great illustrated children’s book about kindness.
It is about the night that Christ was born, but Christ is never specifically mentioned so the book and the principles it illustrates are for people of all faiths. This is a great book to read to younger children and for older children to read for themselves over and over again. It wouldn’t hurt for children at heart who are still willing to learn who are 20 or 40 or 60 or 80 to read the book often. This is a great book.”

GTEDLLcom- Amazon Review
Fort Worth, Texas

A Timeless Story

“A fresh look at a timeless story, that brings tears of happiness.”

Carol G.
Plano, TX


A Heartwarming Story

“The Stableboy is a rarity- a heartwarming story that captivates kids and adults alike. It is a perfect way for anyone to share their faith and introduce others to Jesus without being ‘preachy’.”

Greg H.
Eagle Mountain, TX

Great for Sharing with Family

“I shared this with my grandchildren and they enjoyed reading it and then asked me to read it to them again. and again. It’s nice to see books that share a positive message of faith.”

North Richland Hills, Texas 

This will certainly become a Christmas Classic

“This will certainly become a Christmas time classic. Very important messages about kindness, giving and love all wrapped up in beautiful illustrations. The characters are all delightful. Parents and grandparents will cherish reading it to young children like we have.”

BJW- 5 Star Amazon Review


An Enjoyable Read!

“Our kids really enjoyed the book!”

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Great Story with a Powerful Message

My husband and I host “cousin” nights so our GRANDS can spend time together on a regular basis. We have many bonding traditions, but one of our favorites is reading bedtime stories The Stableboy is one we will read over and over again. It’s a story with an empowering message to delight children of all ages.

Cindy A
Amazon | 5 Star Review

Characters in Order of Appearance


7 years old

Camo the Cockapoo

Uncle Baruch

5 years old



Mocha the Mouse

Thunder the Horse

Mary and Joseph

Newborn Son

Boat Captain